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Testimonials and Commendations

Letter from Senator Max Cleland

Mr. Wayne Mascolo

Dear Wayne:
Thank you for giving me one of the great moments in my life. You were so kind to help me in the beach buggy and provide assistance with you and your employees to get out into the ocean and swim. It was one of the most marvelous experiences of my life. Your offer to ride on the Waverunner was really great! Thanks so much for taking the time to spend a moment or two with a fellow who deeply appreciates it.
Make sure you come to Washington and see me. We will have some fun. Please give my regards to all the fine young men on your staff. They made Labor Day a very memorable and positive experience for this disabled American veteran.

I will continue to stay in touch. Godspeed and keep the faith.

M Cleland
United States Senator

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LETTER OF COMMENDATION and Reference FOR Wayne Mascolo & aloha water sports

It is without reservation, and it is my sincere pleasure writing this letter commending Wayne Mascolo and Aloha Waters Sports for his provision of safe recreational activities on Fort Lauderdale beach. Allow me to detail the reasons for this commendation:

    ·     Leadership – Mr. Mascolo is a leader in his industry and leads by example with respect to the way he conducts his business in a safe and family-friendly way. I have personally watched him deliver safety presentations to his customers and have no doubt that he genuinely cares for the people that use his services. He has not only adhered to the City of Fort Lauderdale Code of Ordinances and Parks and Recreation Department’s Beach Rules and Regulations, but has volunteered his expertise in an effort to improve programs and activities affiliated with Fort Lauderdale Ocean Rescue.

    ·       Safety Knowledge – Wayne’s knowledge of the ocean and beach safety is exemplified in the stellar safety record he has developed up to this point in his career. Through his work as an industry leader in beachside recreation, he has become a go-to guy for the local media when questions regarding industry safety standards arise. Other companies consult Aloha Water Sports as well when developing their own respective water safety guidelines.

    ·       Dedication to Fort Lauderdale – Wayne has also become an ambassador for the City, dedicating a large amount of his time to promoting Fort Lauderdale whenever he travel around the country or around the world. For the entire time he has been a resident and involved in ocean recreation in the City of Fort Lauderdale, Mr. Mascolo has demonstrated an unusual dedication to his profession from a safety standpoint. For him, the safe delivery of water sports activities in Fort Lauderdale is not just a job, but also an identity he is proud of.

    ·       Sincerity – It would be difficult to find an individual more sincere than Wayne Mascolo. He clearly means what he says and can be counted on to follow through.

My 21 years experience as an ocean lifeguard and Ocean Rescue Lieutenant for the City of Fort Lauderdale has afforded me a significant degree of experience in judging character. Having recruited, hired and promoted many lifeguards to positions of higher responsibility during my tenure, I would unreservedly recommend the services of Aloha Water Sports because of Wayne Mascolo’s dedication to excellence. Mr. Mascolo has a passion for ensuring that his chosen profession and his own company, Aloha Water Sports, are taken to the highest possible levels.

In closing, in any profession, there is an understandable and necessary sense of organizational and professional pride. It is my opinion that it is because Mr. Mascolo’s professionalism and pride that his businesses have been successful and his safety record in unblemished. If all of the companies and vendors that do business with the City of Fort Lauderdale follow Wayne’s lead, the City can look forward to a safe and fun future.

Yours Sincerely,

Lt. Jim McCrady
Fort Lauderdale Ocean Rescue
President United States Lifesaving Association Southeast Region

Watersports Location

Across Casablanca Cafe
3008 Alhambra St
Fort Lauderdale 33304

Parasail Location

Corner of Las Olas and A1A
301 Seabreeze Boulevard
Fort Lauderdale, FL

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